Meet The artists


Owner Huber, aka H the Technician, brought Scalp Micropigmentation to the State of Utah. After training with industry leaders all across the country H has made his own name in the SMP world by specializing in soft, natural hairlines. Since he began he has completed over a thousand procedures.

With a background in the hair industry, H has the skill set to aid him in creating the perfect, unique hairline for each client who walks through his door. He is both an instructor, teaching hungry, up and coming artists Scalp Micropigmentation as well as a lifelong student, always looking to become more proficient at his craft.

H is a leader in the SMP industry and one of the best SMP artists on the west coast.


“Nate started his career apprenticing under H, carefully honing the craft of SMP and has become an incredible artist. Specializing in soft, natural hairlines and density fills for men and women. With a seat at H’s table as an apprentice, a rare opportunity in the field of SMP, Nate has taken part in hundreds of procedures.
Nate is one of SMP’s best up and coming artists in the state of Utah.

The industry of SMP is normally started with a 3 day training, however Nate took the opportunity to become an apprentice under H. With this decision he was launched years ahead in the industry. As an immaculate performer, he has been able to gain industry secrets ahead of his time. Clients have loved Nate simply for the time and focus he has put into the work of SMP. We are honored to have him as a part of the Rejuvenate team.”

Rejuvenate Team